Friday, May 21, 2010

The Latest From Lebanon

If you have been following my travel blog you should have noticed the name change. Since we will be home for quite a while I decided that "On The Road Again" probably wasn't an appropriate title any more. Hopefully the same blog with a new title will cover all of the bases.

We limped home from our trip to New Mexico on May 1st. I say "limped" because of the wear and tear on the trailer that had occurred over the 4 weeks. Some were minor such as the cabinet hinges working loose but the big one was the duel in the used car lot between the back end of the trailer and a parked pickup truck. The trailer lost. The end cap was pulled loose which caused some tearing in the fiber glass, a damaged tail light and loss of the vent covering for the refrigerator. With the help of a roll of heavy duty duct tape and some window screen we were able to get things temporarily patched up for the rest of the trip. The trailer is now at a local RV place awaiting repairs.

Returning home of course involved unloading and putting away most of what we had taken along on the trip and doing lots of laundry. We also had to get Malachi back into the school routine. Eleven days after we returned I had surgery and have spent the past week recovering from that.

My next big adventure will be a sale to get rid of many of my craft supplies. I'm hoping to be ready for that by June 25. There will be lots of fabric, yarn, scrapbooking supplies and other miscellaneous craft things to be sold. I haven't decided yet what to do with the proceeds of the sale. I have been promising myself that it won't be used to purchase any more craft supplies. Oh dear! Hopefully once my crafting areas have been cleared out a bit I will be able to get some actual crafting done.

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