Saturday, May 29, 2010


I must begin by saying a big THANK YOU to my friend Khris in Australia who helped improve my blog by adding a lovely background to it. With the information she provided for me I hope to keep practicing until I become as skilled a blogger as she is. Thanks a bunch Khris!
Today's adventures began fairly early in the morning as we got Malachi ready to take his first train trip to Portland by himself. We had to be at the station an hour before departure so we were out of the house by a little after 8:00 a.m. Waiting for the train to arrive was the most difficult part for Malachi. Fortunately it was on time. We were confident that he would be o.k. because of all of the paper work we had to fill out before he left the station and the fact that he was wearing a wrist band for ID so they would be sure to get him off at the correct location. His mom had to do paperwork in Portland and sign to pick him up so it all worked out fine. He will be returning by train on Monday afternoon. Malachi is getting to be a grown up boy in so many ways.
After the train station our adventure took us to Costco where, as usual, we spent too much but it is all so worth it. We purchased a couple of folding outdoor chairs with little tables and cup holders attached. They will be good to take along in the trailer. The most amazing thing we purchased today though was the strawberries. They are huge! It was all I could do to hold 4 of them in my two hands. The picture shows just one of them in a one cup measure. Most of the berries in the container are large but the special bonus is that they taste good too. In the past it seemed as though the extra large berries didn't have a lot of flavor. I can see some strawberry shortcake in our immediate future.
Our kitties continue to get along well. Molly is getting bigger of course so she has become a pretty good match for Trouper when it comes to the play fighting they do. He can still put her in her place though. When I went in to go to bed a couple of nights ago they were both cuddled together between Mike's knees. He was so sound asleep that he didn't even stir when I took 3 flash pictures of them.
I guess that's enough adventuring for today. I hope anyone who reads this has a great weekend!

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  1. Well done B2...I know you can do it....and I am more than happy to help any time....those strawberries look awesome...yummmm.....its hard finding nice strawberries these days....hope they tasted as good as they look...hugs Khris